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We draw inspiration from nature. We are in our elements dealing with photography, publications, television, film and stage. The web site presents the activity of Jaroslaw Chyra who in the circle of his experienced and wonderful friends realizes projects based on three steps: get to know nature, take to it, and feel the respect for it as well as the need of protection. Here are the projects which enable you to get to know nature and maybe you will grow fond of it and if so... . All in Your hands! Come in!


Borys Russko - I part night. Asymmetry. Borys Russko - I part night. Asymmetry Borys Russko's volume of verses was published with the opportunity of Zubrowsiko Festival in 2005. Waldemar Smaszcz tells about the publication and its author who draws inspiration from nature. Here is the fragnent of his introduction to the second part of the book, to the poem 'Asymmetry':

Infinity circulates with shadow
between a mystic, a poet and a mathematician...
(poetical summa of Borys Russko)

(...) I treated the possibility of reading the work before its publication as something very personal, I waited on the message where I found the lyrical record of the most important matters of world and man so close to me. Althought the author wrote almost exclusively about nature, especially about beloved Bialowieza Forest, his "homey forest", yet I had not the smallest doubt that message of his poetry is considerably wider.
Waldemar Smaszcz 2005

  "I rake up the night" "Searching" "Like lick of wind" "Warning"  
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© Borys Russko
publisher: PTOP editor: Waldemar Smaszcz ISBN 83-918874-6-4
Bialowieza, 2005
co-publisher: IBiS Publishing House
cover design: Aneta Nawrocka
ISBN 93-7358-022-0
Warszawa, 2005
format 21x14cm, 104 pages, 112 black and white photographs

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