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We draw inspiration from nature. We are in our elements dealing with photography, publications, television, film and stage. The web site presents the activity of Jaroslaw Chyra who in the circle of his experienced and wonderful friends realizes projects based on three steps: get to know nature, take to it, and feel the respect for it as well as the need of protection. Here are the projects which enable you to get to know nature and maybe you will grow fond of it and if so... . All in Your hands! Come in!


Jaroslaw Chyra was born in Slubice on the Oder River and was brought up in Bialowieza - 2 km from eastern border of Poland. The distance between the two places is only 765 kilometres. A Master of Science in Forestry, he is a photographer and a publisher. The co-author of the album "Lost Beauty" (Utracone Piękno). The author of articles about nature and nature cyclical programmes: "Doors to forest", "The Refuge", "Roam about the world" (original titles respectively: "Drzewi do lasu", "Ostoja", Borem, lasem") realized for TVP Polish Television. The founder of Student Association of Natural and Documentary Photography (SKFPiD), which published four picture albums. In 2002 he initiated the First International Festival of Nature and arranged it in Bialowieza. The fourth edition of the Festival took place in 2005. He publishes photographs in books, calendars, brochures and periodicals worldwide. In 2002 he published his first picture album "Narew River. Polish Amazonia". He is an active member of Polish Organization of Bird Protection, with which he organized the next three editions of Festival of Nature under the new name of "Zubrowisko". In 2007 he also cooperated with PTOP realizing his own original conception of World Day of Environment Protection.


Jarosław Chyra, MSc

2008 - 10 specimens of postcards called "Portraits of Birds" was published. Photographs by Grzegorz and Tomasz Klosowski.
2008 - "The Bison's Land" the film order by FZPP and ZBS PAN was published.
2008 - Wiktor Wolkow's photo exhibition and catalogue were prepared under a title: "Stork in Pentowo".
2007 - "Borem, lasem" (Roam about the world) went on the air. Serial programme about nature in cooperation with Monica Filipiuk.
2007 - The scriptwriter and the main co-ordinator of the World Day of Environment Protection.
2007 - The graphic design and the typesetting of the book "Cultural Scenery of Białowieza Forest Region".
2007 - Several advertising films were organized.
2007 - Published 18 specimens of postcards called "Ogród w Puszczy" (Garden in the Forest) photographs by Lech Wilczek.
2007 - Established CHYRA Publishing House.
2006 - Published 12 specimens of postcards called "Portraits of Mammals", photogaphs by Jan Walencik.
2005 - Prepared and published "Small chest of fairy-tales", the book by Ryszard Gruchawka in cooperation with PTOP.
2005 - Prepared and published "I rake up the night" and "Asymmetry", the volumes of verses by Borys Russko in cooperation with PTOP.
2005 - Prepared and published "Drawing from nature", the exhibition catalogue by Malgorzata Lasocka in cooperation with PTOP.
2005 - The fourth edition of Zubrowisko (Festival of Nature) in Bialowieza.
2005 - Published "Stone Marks" the book by Marek Krzywkowski.
2005 - Published "Graphics Arts from Bialowieza Forest", the reprint on the iniciative of Mrs professor Simona Kossak.
2005 - Established FOTOMIX firm.
2004 - Published "Book Illustrations", the Zubrowisko exhibition catalogue by professor Andrzej Strumillo.
2004 - The third edition of Zubrowisko (Festival of Nature) in Bialowieza.
2004 - Prepared, in his own conception, the book "Nature 2000", ed Miroslaw Stepaniuk.
2003 - The second Festival of Nature was renamed as Zubrowisko, PTOP is the organizer.
2003 - Began cooperation with Polish Association of Bird Protection (the festival).
2002 - Published the first author's picture album "Narew River. Polish Amazonia". Thanks to help from TPMPwD (Friends of Museum in Drozdowo Association).
2002 - Initiated and organized the First International Festival of Nature in Bialowieza.
2000 - Two-years member of Friends of Museum in Drozdowo Association.
1999 - Published the picture album: "Lost Beauty" thanks to help from SKFPiD.
1998 - Cooperated with "Studio K" film studio in realization of nature programme the "Doors to forest".
1997 - Founded Student Association of Nature and Documentary Photography (SKFPiD) in Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW).
1993 - Wrote first articles and photographic publications in technical college.
1991 - volunteer in Baltic Action for three years (together over 100 days).
1991 - Joined North-Podlasie Association of Bird Protection (PTOP).
1990 - Received the diploma from Primary Music School.