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We draw inspiration from nature. We are in our elements dealing with photography, publications, television, film and stage. The web site presents the activity of Jaroslaw Chyra who in the circle of his experienced and wonderful friends realizes projects based on three steps: get to know nature, take to it, and feel the respect for it as well as the need of protection. Here are the projects which enable you to get to know nature and maybe you will grow fond of it and if so... . All in Your hands! Come in!


Marek Krzywkowski - Kamienne ślady"Kamienne ślady" (Stony Traces) is a sincere and instructive tale about joys, sadness, loves... about fortune of Krzywkowskis' family. The book is full of noble values, good examples and humour. "Stone traces" only sometimes changes a man, but always... leave a trace in him.

Here are some sentences of the introduction:
Fragments which describes the most former story of our family result from the oldest tales remembered by me as well as from sources which I managed to find. Description is enriched by photographs of my closest family members as well as places and people I have known well, and which are remembered and important for my family. Many of those places and people have already gone. The 20th century, terrible but also beautiful, went down to history. That century passed the same as men's stories and places, often unknown or forgotten.
Marek Krzywkowski, Gdańsk 2005

  Marek Krzywkowski - Kamienne ślady Marek Krzywkowski - Kamienne ślady Marek Krzywkowski - Kamienne ślady  
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© Marek Krzywkowski
ISBN 83-922315-0-3
Hajnówka 2005
Graphics: Jarosław Chyra - VEA
Editor of the issue: Jarosław Chyra - FOTOMIX
Print: Manet Printing House
format 21x14cm, 144 pages, 112 black and white photographs