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We draw inspiration from nature. We are in our elements dealing with photography, publications, television, film and stage. The web site presents the activity of Jaroslaw Chyra who in the circle of his experienced and wonderful friends realizes projects based on three steps: get to know nature, take to it, and feel the respect for it as well as the need of protection. Here are the projects which enable you to get to know nature and maybe you will grow fond of it and if so... . All in Your hands! Come in!


Ryszard Gruchawka - Kufereczek Bajeczek Ryszard Gruchawka - Kufereczek Bajeczek In opportunity of Zubrowisko Festival 2005 we published Ryszard Gruchawka's fairy tales. You will find more about this fabulous writer atRyszard Gruchawka - Żubrowisko 2003. We invite you to read the fairy tales written by the wodcuter and the poet rolled into one.

Little Chest of Fairy Tales
is dedicated to
Children's Home in Bialowieza
Ryszard Adam Gruchawka

  "Bałwan i prezydent" "Koń i osioł" "Bajka o gołębicy" "Pajęcza dykteryjka"  
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© Ryszard Adam Gruchawka
publisher: PTOP
editor of edition: Jaroslaw Chyra (PTOP-Białowieza)
graphic design: Jaroslaw Chyra (VEA-Wroclaw)
proofreading: Barbara Piechocka
format 21x13cm, 32 pages
print: Manet Printing House
ISBN 83-918874-4-8
Bialowieza 2005

If you want to order the book, email us. We will send you the goods by post. Price: 5PLN.